What's the importance of getting a roof update for my house?

Your exterior does more than just protect your home from the outside elements. It also contributes greatly to your home value. Alliance Exteriors understands the importance of a strong, appealing exterior. We offer comprehensive exterior construction and roofing services in Auburn and Fort Wayne, IN. You can count on us to take care of your siding repair or metal roofing installation with the utmost care.

Why should I get metal roofing instead of shingles?

  • The average life of a shingle is 10-12 years. That means that you need to replace your roof every 10-12 years or risk your number 1 investment being damaged by water and rotting wood.
  • All shingle warranties are pro-rated, and rarely cover any labor charges. That means that a warranty claim only pays you pennies on the dollar of what it costs to replace your roof, because labor is the majority of the cost of a roof replacement.
  • By the time you put on a 2nd shingle roof, it is already CHEAPER to have done a Cool Metal Roof the first time, AND it will not increase the value of your home, it will not lower your energy bills, it will not lower your insurance, and if you stay another 10-12 years, your doing it a 3rd time! After about 12 years a Cool Metal Roof has PAID FOR ITSELF!

Why should I get my windows replaced by Alliance Exteriors?

Windows are the number 2 thing people look at when searching for a home to purchase. If your windows are Alliance Exteriors Windows, you can be certain that not only will it save you up to 40% off your electric and gas bills every month all year long, it will also increase your home's value, and make it easier to sell with a Fully Transferable Lifetime Warranty! The windows in your home will NEVER need replaced again, by you OR the next homeowner.

What makes Vinyl a great material choice for siding?

Vinyl Siding is guaranteed not to blister, check, flake, peel, or fade for your lifetime. It also gives an amazing curb appeal to your home, and adds permanent value to your property. Wow your neighbors, and increase your pride in ownership at the same time!